2005 Changtai Yun Pu Zhi Dian (Top of the Clouds) Sheng Puer

Company:   Yunnan Changtai Tea Industry Group via Crimson Lotus Tea

Region:  Yunnan, China

Add. info:   blend of leaves from 15 mountains;   aged in Guangdong (2005-2014), then Seattle (2014-)


root vegetables and dry wood aroma


bitter sweet flavors


dry texture


medium light body



It's all about

the long-lasting aftertaste and head feels. The tea liquor in the mouth tastes medicinal, like a slightly bitter poultice of herbs, roots, and wood. But swallow, and wait, and slowly a sweetness like that in turnips or carrots unfurls. I felt a strong burst of energy quickly after drinking, but it eventually subsided and left only a sense of being grounded, calm.

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