About Form Follows Tea

Form Follows Tea is a labor of love.

It’s an experiment in design.

It’s a scream into infinite space.

But mostly it’s a site about tea.

Form Follows Tea Logo

Form Follows Tea is young (est. February 2019) and evolving.

Currently it consists of two main types of content – words and reviews.

Words is a grab bag: reflections on any and all things tea and design related, plus a few non-sequiturs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Reviews presents information about specific teas in a visual style. If our tastes line up, it might help you find a new favorite tea. But given the subjective nature of taste, who knows. At least it looks cool.

For more about how reviews are conducted, check out the Review Process post. If you would like to submit a tea for review, please read the Review Policy page before getting in contact.

For the legal stuff, please check out the Privacy Policy.

About me

I'm Anna, the blurred-out face behind Form Follows Tea. I first experienced tea outside the bag while living abroad in Japan. Thanks to an acquaintance, I was able to practice tea ceremony under a wonderful teacher who introduced me not just to matcha, but also to the world built around tea. Form Follows Tea is one small way I'm continuing to explore that world.