Chen Yuan Hao – 2016 Cha Huang Sheng Puer

Company:  Chen Yuan Hao purchased via Liquid Proust Teas

Add. info:   2016 production


frankincense beeswax and ginger aroma


umami and bitter then sweet flavor


soft drying texture


medium body



It's all about

the feeling of drinking frankincense. And just like with good incense, there's layer upon layer of aromas here. The leaves, the liquor, the taste in the mouth - each uniquely changes over time. Aromas disappear only to return with a new tint. Gong fu style is the preferred style to savor the changes more slowly, but if you're crazy enough to drink this in one long steep like I did here, it's still a fun ride (and a long one at that - this tea just goes and goes).

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