Hot Brandy

Company:  White2tea

Add. info:  2018 version






creamy texture


medium full body



It's all about

a creamy body, probably richer than either tea (this is a mix of black and white tea!) drank on its own. The balance of aroma, flavor, and texture is excellent, no doubt pointing to a skilled blend. There is one strange effect of this unique blend, however - some of the aromas distinctive to each type of tea (specifically the hay notes of the white tea, and the cocoa notes of the black) attempt to occupy the same space without harmonizing. Luckily the hay notes fade to dried dates in the aftertaste, something that does mix well with the lingering black tea cocoa aromas.

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  1. Justin

    I don’t typically comment on posts, but as a long time
    reader I thought I’d drop in and wish you all the best during these troubling times.

    From all of us at Royal CBD, I hope you stay well with the COVID19 pandemic progressing at an alarming rate.

    Justin Hamilton
    Royal CBD

    1. formfollowstea

      Thank you for the well wishes, Justin! I’m doing the best I can right now – just staying in, drinking lots of tea, and keeping in touch with family and friends. I hope that you and yours stay healthy as well!

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