Review Policy

  • Products received for review will always be disclosed as such on the review page.
  • Providing a product for review does not guarantee a review. It takes a lot of time and effort to create review content and I simply cannot get to everything, although I try my best!
  • Please note that I generally do not review teas with flavorings added. I do not review teas marketed extensively as weight loss/detox products.
  • Usually I sample a tea a few times by a few different preparation methods before creating reviews. Reviews posted on this site all follow the same preparation method (see Review Method on any review page) unless the tea is unfit for this method (e.g. matcha). I usually post more freeform preparation reviews to my Instagram account.
  • I try to create two reviews for each tea – one for the site and one for Instagram. That said, I cannot guarantee that any product will receive either or both reviews.
  • The format for reviews is preset. Please check out any past review page for an example. Each review has one link to the tea company if applicable. I do not include any pre-written press language or images inside my reviews, and the opinions expressed are my own. Likewise, I do not send reviews to companies for preview before publication. This is true both of reviews on this site and Instagram reviews.
  • I cannot guarantee a specific date of publication for a review. Nonetheless, if a sample is part of a timely promotion, please let me know. If I decide to publish a review, I will take this into account. I do not share promotional information within this site’s reviews, but I may share this information within Instagram reviews.